Natural Prints and Dyes with Sue Ainley

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Would you like to know how to dye fabrics and papers using natural pigments hidden in plants? Well so would we! That’s why we’ve got the wonderful Sue Ainley from Garden Gate Rugby to come and shed some light on this fascinating craft. Come and join Sue exploring natural colour, dyes, and printing processes using foraged flora and fauna accessible to all. A perfect craft to combine creativity and technique, whilst utilising natural resources which are all around us.

As natural dyeing is a fairly time-consuming process, the workshop will be a guided talk by Sue as she shares her experiences, processes and methods when using natural dyes and printing. You will be provided with plenty of resources and printed material, as well as an opportunity to try using some dye baths with fabrics and yarns to take home.

£40 includes tuition, hot drinks, cakes, printed materials, and some sample yarns and fabrics to take home.

Location: Gaydon studio (address provided upon booking)

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