The Flower Calendar

Here's a brief overview of what flowers you might be getting in your seasonal bouquet.


Tulips, Muscari, Ribes, and Ranunculus greet us with the bold colours of Spring. Joyful in both their appearance and scent, our Spring flowers are full of interest and charm.


There's always an abundance of choice in the garden for both colour and style at this time of year. Cosmos, Garden Roses, Phlox, Malope, Foxgloves are just some of our favourites.


As Summer fades, Dahlias, Rudbeckia and Heleniums hold the warm floral glow. Often mixed with bracken and grasses, and the late-blooming ornemental Chrysanthemums and Strawflowers.


Hellebores, Winterberry and Amaryllis welcome the festive period, slowly changing through to Forsythia, Viburnum and Daphne after the New Year.