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A big ole' bunch of just one thing! Dahlias, Peonies, Delphinium - whatever the seasons best is at the time of purchase. Stems will be wrapped simply with brown paper or occasionally a few stems of foliage to add volume. Approximate breakdown of what flowers may be used for each month of the year is as follows:

January - Tulips

February - Narcissi

March - Ranunculus or Daffodil unusual varieties

April  - Homegrown Tulips, unusual varieties

May - Delphiniums

June - Peonies

July - Larkspur or Ammi Majus

August - Hydrangeas or Rudbeckia

September - Dahlias or Hydrangeas

October - Dahlias

November - Ornamental Chrysanthemums

December - Foliage, Berries and/or dried flowers 

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